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SDG Initiatives at Hotel Gracery Sapporo



Hotel Gracery Sapporo has been undertaking initiatives related to the environment because we consider them essential to our sustainable growth as a company. This is based on our corporate mission statement to contribute to the creation of an affluent and prosperous society by providing a wholesome place for our guests to relax and enjoy heartwarming service.

These initiatives are in line with the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), established to create a sustainable society.

To contribute to the achievement of the SDGs, Hotel Gracery Sapporo will continue to solve social issues and create a sustainable society through our business.

Reduction of plastic use in guest room amenities

At Hotel Gracery Sapporo, we provide toothbrushes that are made of rice husk biomass material in our guest rooms. The material for the handle contains rice husks, reducing plastic waste by approximately 35%. For shaving razors, hairbrushes, and cotton swabs, please take what you need from the amenity counter on the 7th floor.

We would appreciate your cooperation in reducing plastic waste by bringing your own toothbrush and other amenities when you travel in future.

Eco-friendly housekeeping services for guest rooms

In order to protect the global environment, we encourage guests who are staying more than one night to opt for eco-friendly housekeeping services for your rooms.
By reducing the energy footprint of housekeeping and cleaning services, we are dedicated to working with our guests to reduce CO2 emissions.
We also provide full housekeeping services at your request.
Services provided: towel replacement, toothbrush replacement, and trash disposal
Services not provided: room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, bed making, and bed sheet replacement.

Reduction of food loss at breakfast buffets

Food loss is a problem that occurs when food that is still good enough to consume ends up being discarded. To solve this problem, we undertake the following initiatives:
We transfer some of the dishes into smaller serving containers 30 minutes before the buffet ends.
We replenish the dishes according to the number of customers.

Hokkaido Ecocap Movement

Ecocap recycling
If plastic bottle caps are disposed of as they are instead of being recycled as Ecocaps, they are incinerated as general waste or disposed of in landfills, becoming a source of carbon dioxide gas (CO2) or contaminating the soil and destroying the global environment.

The Hokkaido Ecocap Movement creates employment for the elderly and for people with disabilities at work sites that receive, sort, and pulverize Ecocaps. In addition, part of the profits from the Ecocap recycling project is used to support children in Hokkaido who are battling incurable diseases.

Ecocap recycling brings dreams, hopes, and smiles to children in Hokkaido who are battling incurable diseases.

Coffee in guest rooms

All coffee that we serve in our guest rooms is made with products certified by the Rainforest Alliance.
The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization established to protect nature, improve the livelihoods of agricultural producers and people living in forest areas, and create a sustainable world. By using certified coffee beans, we are helping to protect the global environment and support the agricultural community.


From the hotel entrance to the guest rooms, the entire building is flat and accessible. In addition, service dogs are allowed in the building and wheelchairs are available for rent.

Diversity and inclusion

Diversity and inclusion activities increase diversity, encourage respect for the individual, and provide opportunities for positive and active exchange of opinions. We believe that the initiatives at one hotel will spread to the entire Fujita Kanko Group, leading to a change in the corporate culture.